Futureconsult has 15 years of experience with working for governments, profit and non-profit organizations. We mainly help organizations that struggle with the societal and organizational implications of rapid, technological developments. We also assisted thirty municipalities in creating a future vision.


How we can assist you


Futureconsult explores the future in co-creation with your organization and stakeholders. We are experienced future strategists with an extensive network and innovative methods.

(In-house) Masterclasses

Everyone can become a future strategist. We offer the right mindset and toolkit during our (in-house) masterclasses to establish novel thinking patterns. Our partners include Nyenrode Business University and the AOG School of Management.
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Keynotes and inspiration

Our future strategists will take you to the future: how will we live, work and relax? We offer tailored keynotes and inspirational talks.


Our clients

Eager to find out how Futureconsult can help your organization?

Send us an e-mail at info@futureconsult.nl or call us at +31 20 320 3100.