Everyone can become a future strategist. Futureconsult offers various in-house masterclasses to share our knowledge of strategic forecasting.

All of our masterclasses and workshops are aimed at strategists and managers, both profit and non-profit, who wish to provide their organization with a future-proof strategy, or who wish to enrich their strategic instruments. The master classes are excellent for a diverse group of participants: a multidisciplinary group provides a clear insight into the strategic future of the organization.

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Masterclass scenario planning

Futureconsult provides in-house masterclasses tailored to your organization. During this masterclass we introduce you to scenario planning. Through ‘learning by doing’, master class participants build the foundation for scenarios of their own organization. We teach your executive management and/or team members about the instruments to explore and manage the future. Futureconsult shares its knowledge of the theory and practice of scenario planning. Furthermore we guide the organization in writing, applying and implementing the scenarios in preparation for the strategy.

Workshop trend panorama

During the workshop trend panorama you will discuss the most important social trends approaching your organization. Which trends have the biggest impact? And what chances, challenges and dilemmas follow? The workshop provides a trend panorama: insight into the main trends and their impact, tailored to your organization.

Workshop nightmare competitor

What if your nightmare competitor will enter your market? Wat would be your organization’s nigtmare competitor? Who are the Uber or Airbnb in your sector? A nightmare competitor is the worst that can happen to your company, but by thinking about it in a timely manner, the masterclass nightmare competitor offers the opportunity for innovation.

During this workshop you will investigate how a nightmare competitor could threaten your business. What are weaknesses of your organization or market to which new players can easily respond? And what does this competitor mean for your current business model?

The masterclass nightmare competitor helps you prepare for new competitors, but also to critically review your own market position and see and grasp new opportunities.

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