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Strategy development

You are looking for a future-proof strategy and actionable insights.

In a complex and fast-changing world a good strategy must be flexible. Futureproof organizations learn how to deal with uncertainty about the future, and anticipate change.

When the future seems uncertain, scenario planning offers a helping hand. Scenarios are radical but plausible prospects of the future that break dominant thinking patterns within organizations. Scenarios explore the future and help translate foresight into actionable objectives.

Scenarios form the basis of a strategic conversation: where should we innovate, what critical choices do we have to make, and what activities should be maintained? We always work in co-creation with our clients: essential knowledge about the future is often found within the (network of) the organization. We use four steps:

  1. Preparation
    What is the strategic goal, and what is the scope of the project?
  2. Exploration
    What is the current situation and what are the most significant trends impacting the organization?
  3. Envisioning the future
    What does the possible future of the organization look like and what does this mean for the organization?
  4. Strategy
    How do we translate possibilities into actionable strategy?

We recently carried out strategy projects for the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects, public housing corporation Ymere, the National Archive and ROC van Twente.

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Vision development

You want to develop a shared vision focused on the future and shaped by the present.

A vision answers two fundamental questions: what do we stand for and what do we want to achieve in the future? A vision should boost enthusiasm and energize. To discuss the most important strategic choices an organization stands for we deploy scenario planning. Scenarios portray the consequences of impactful choices and hereby enable a well-informed, strategic discussion. We always work in co-creation: this creates broad support and enthusiasm to strive for the envisioned future. We use four steps:

  1. Preparation
    What is the goal and scope of the project?
  2. Exploration
    What are the current strengths and weaknesses and what are the most important strategic choices ahead?
  3. Envisioning the future
    What does the possible future of the organization look like and what does this mean for the organization?
  4. Vision
    What is the vision of your organization and how does this vision translate into actions?

We recently developed a vision for (among others) the municipalities of Haaksbergen and Veenendaal, the Dutch Council for Refugees, University of Twente and the Dutch Ministery of Infrastructure and Environment.

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Future studies

Using thorough data-driven trend analysis and future studies you wish to create innovative products, services or policies.

Insight into future chances and challenges improves the quality of your strategic decisions. Future studies and trend analysis can also be deployed for the development of new products and services. Futureconsult helps to broaden your perspective when exploring the future, without losing the connection with today.

Futureconsult’s future studies and trend analysis map the consequences of the most crucial developments in society and the market. We understand the possibilities the future holds for your organization and how companies, governments and consumers deal with (disruptive) developments.

Our trend analysis is based on data-driven methods, as well as our extensive expert network. Additionally we use co-creation to map trends, their impacts and opportunities for innovation.

We recently analyzed trends for Bosch GmbH and AirPlus.

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Horizon scanning

You want to scan the horizon for early signals of upcoming change.

A smart organization scans the horizon for new developments, grassroot initiatives and technological innovations that shape the future. However, not every signal matures into an influential development. Futureconsult offers assistance and a suitable methodology to distinguish signal from noise.

We detect the most crucial Early Warning Signals in your field, or we assist you in developing an durable Early Warning System. This enables your organization to explore, scan and monitor the horizon in a effective manner.

We recently organized an Early Warning Festival in cooperation with Rijkswaterstaat.

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How we can assist you


Futureconsult explores the future in co-creation with your organization and stakeholders. We are experienced future strategists with an extensive network and innovative methods.

(In-house) masterclasses

Everyone can become a future strategist. We offer the right mindset and toolkit during our (in-house) masterclasses to establish novel thinking patterns. Our partners include Nyenrode Business University and the AOG School of Management.
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Keynotes and inspiration

Our future strategists will take you to the future: how will we live, work and relax? We offer tailored keynotes and inspirational talks.


Our clients

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