Organisational advice

Organisational advice

Do you want to get a grip on the future using the methods that Futureconsult’s management consultancy can offer you?

As a strategic foresight consultancy, we can help you think about your organization’s future in a meaningful and structured way. We do this by supporting you, holding up a mirror to you, surprising you with unexpected future perspectives, and drawing links between trends and opportunities. All this is based on knowledge, experience, and workshops.

Seeking organisational advice is a sign of ambition and professional management. Our future strategists have served many government agencies, commercial companies, and non-profit organisations over the years. So contact us today and find out what our management consultancy can do for your business.

Future-oriented management consultancy

As already mentioned, your future is our central focus. Our vision? An organisation’s strategy should not be based on feelings and unrealistic expectations but on a sound vision of the future. A foresight study by our management consultants can therefore provide important insights. Strategic foresight helps you to anticipate different futures – including scenarios that may not have crossed your mind yet. Our management consultants prevent tunnel vision and create a broad and open perspective.

The consultancy firm that analyses trends

A vision of the future often involves gaining insight into trends. There are countless examples of organisations that responded to a trend too late and missed the boat, while a competitor managed to catch it in time. That is why it is important for our consultancy to see trends before they happen, so you can anticipate them and be prepared. Our management consultancy will therefore help you with sound trend analysis. What are the expected trends, and to what extent are they relevant to your organisation?

Our management consultants can draw on our extensive trend database, which we can apply to your organisation. Moreover, we can consult our wide network of experts. Therefore, our organizational advice provides insight into broad, social and technological trends and developments within your own sector and organisation.

Curious what Futureconsult can do for your organisation?

Professional organisational advice can provide any organisation – large or small – with revolutionary insights that can lead to future-oriented strategy changes. Of course the future is uncertain, but we offer insights into this uncertainty. This way, you are prepared – and therefore more flexible. Whether it is your municipality, start-up, non-profit or your construction company: every organisation benefits from stability and perspective. So please phone +31 (0)20-3203100 or send an e-mail to to discuss with our consultants how our organisational advice can help your organisation further.