Scenario planning

Scenario planning

Scenario planning is particularly valuable for those who want to anticipate and shape their own future.

Futureconsult can assist you with its specialist knowledge in scenario planning and scenario analysis. Scenarios are not only a product but also a learning process. The process of creating scenarios – together with your team, your organisation, and possibly external partners and experts – makes your organisation strategically stronger. The crux of using scenarios is the dialogue regarding choices, trends, developments, and strategy. You can shape future scenarios and discover the different future perspectives of your organisation by thoroughly exploring trends. These scenarios can then help to make better and more forward-looking strategic choices. This will prepare you for are any uncertain developments in the future. Scenario-thinking is essential for a future-oriented strategy and a strong vision of the future.

What is scenario planning?​

With scenario planning, we primarily anticipate the uncertainties that you as an organisation will face in the future. With environmental scenarios, we look at trends and developments that you as an organisation cannot influence and may overlook. Nonetheless, these trends and developments can strongly impact your organisation’s future. Think of, for example, changing laws and regulations, economic prosperity and adversity, digital developments that turn your industry upside down, and other forms of innovation. A scenario analysis explores possible scenarios based on quantitative and qualitative trend studies. We perform this research independently, with the help of our extensive network of experts in various industries.

We explore possible scenarios with scenario planning. We do not have a crystal ball, but we do have a lot of trends, data, analytical skills, and imagination. We are constantly analysing short and medium-term trends. We store these trends in our trend database.

Why scenario thinking?

Thinking in terms of scenarios has several advantages. The ultimate goal is to be prepared for future developments, both positive and negative. This will give you an edge over your competitors. But scenario planning is also ideal for municipalities and other authorities as a testing framework for future-proof policies.

Scenario planning also provokes creative thinking about the future. Scenarios give people a new, shared view of their own organisation’s future. It avoids tunnel vision and helps you think about less favourable, but not improbable scenarios.

Should these scenarios actually occur, you are less likely to be caught off guard by such setbacks – after all, you are prepared for them. You can switch gears more quickly, think about alternative solutions more easily and learn to consider and assess the various strategic options more effectively.

Follow our scenario planning masterclass

You can follow various types of masterclasses at Futureconsult, including our in-company scenario planning masterclass. We tailor them to your organisation and your needs. This masterclass will introduce you to the theoretical background of scenario thinking and will immediately allow you to apply the theory you have learned in practice. We aim to make the masterclass as accessible as possible for your employees. That is why we like to teach the masterclass at our client’s place of work.

Curious what Futureconsult can do for your organisation?

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