Vision development

Vision development

You want to develop a supported future vision while keeping an eye on the present.

A vision answers two questions: what do we stand for? And what are we aiming for? A good vision energises your organisation and motivates your colleagues. To be able to discuss the most important strategic choices to be made, Futureconsult often uses scenario planning during vision development. Scenarios then describe the consequences of the most impactful choices and thus enable an informed, strategic conversation about an organisation’s options.

We always work in co-creation with our clients and have a lot of experience in overseeing participation meetings and stakeholder sessions. This creates support and enthusiasm to realise a vision.


What is the purpose of the process?


What is the current situation, and what are the most important trends and developments facing the organisation?

Imagining the future

What does the potential future look like, and what does that mean for the organisation?

From vision to strategy

What is the vision for the future, and what are the strategic choices that must be made today?

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Visie op Visie

Futureconsult has already assisted dozens of municipalities in formulating their vision with the help of future scenarios. In the handbook Visie op Visie, we discuss the essential components of developing a future vision. Order our handbook via or phone +31 (0)20-3203100

Our experience

“We wanted a vision developed with as much input from the city itself as possible. The process was extremely inspiring and led to a vision that provided clear direction.”

Corine Dijkstra

Alderman of the Municipality of Gouda | municipal client Toekomstvisie Gouda 2030

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