Innovation strategy

Innovation strategy

You want a strategy to organise innovation and ensure a constant flow of new ideas.

Continuous innovation is essential for every organisation. Whether these are ground-breaking innovations or clever optimisations of existing systems: in the long run, not innovating means falling behind. 

Innovation can be organised on a permanent basis. Futureconsult can help your organisation formulate an innovation strategy, learn methods to achieve innovations, and help develop innovation catalysts. This guarantees you a constant flow of new ideas within your organisation and the right tools to quickly deploy promising innovations organisation-wide or market them.

Recently, Futureconsult assisted DELA’s Innovation Lab with organising a constant flow of ideas for their innovation tunnel.

Our experience

“In our Digitalisation Week, we spent the first day with 30 people laying the groundwork for environmental scenarios, which we worked out on the second day. On the third day, we immediately used the scenarios and plotted our desired development in them.”

Niek Ridderbos

Director Digitalisation | division Infrastructure the Netherlands, VolkerWessels.

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