Future vision

A vision of the future is the basis of structural success for any organisation or municipality.

Entrepreneurship or management is thinking ahead and anticipating developments instead of responding to them. Scenario thinking can help your organisation explore the future and, on that basis, anticipate both positive and negative future scenarios. Our future strategists can assist you in keeping all options open and visualise the future based on trends, the present, and the past.

Futureconsult has helped organisations to develop visions of the future for twenty years. We are a consultancy firm specialised in scenario planning and vision development. In cooperation with your organisation, we outline various possible futures. In this way, your organisation or municipality can prepare itself for a changing environment and make decisive choices now for tomorrow and the future.

Is your municipality looking for a vision of the future? We have already assisted in conceiving more than thirty municipal visions of the future and would be happy to help you in this regard too.

Scenario thinking is the basis for any vision of the future. We can formulate future scenarios based on information from and about your organisation, sector, or branch and our trend catalogue. We always do this in co-creation with the customer. After all, substantive knowledge about the organisation and the working field can be found in your organisation. We combine thorough analysis with creative imagination. In this way, we work together with you to create the future of your dreams.

From future vision to future plan

A vision must be so incisive and discerning that it provides a framework for making the proper assessments and orientational choices. That is why we do not stop at the vision but work towards a clear strategy for the future in four steps:


In this phase, we determine the goal of exploring the future.


In this phase, we determine your organisation's strengths and challenges. What impactful trends and developments are anticipated for your organisation? And how decisive are they for the development of your organisation? We then look at which strategic choices could determine your organization's future.

Imagining the future

In this phase, we formulate a number of scenarios. A scenario is a postulation of what the future might look like. We analyse the consequences of these scenarios for your organisation. Then we formulate one dream scenario: the future vision for your organisation.

From future vision to future strategy

The vision of the future is a dot on the horizon. The vision serves as a tool to prioritise policy choices: what do you invest in as an organisation, and what do you give less priority to? And what steps are needed to realise the vision of the future? A vision of the future can help your organisation make (difficult) strategic choices.

Future studies

Of course, a sound vision of the future is never just plucked out of thin air. For that reason, you can also contact Futureconsult for future or trend research. We identify and analyse short and medium-term developments using our own trend database and concrete data. In this way, you are able to stay ahead of the trends.

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