Do you want to get a grip on the future?

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Our solutions

We can help you with advisory processes, masterclasses, and workshops


You are looking for a future-proof strategy that can respond to cahnges in a timely manner.


You want to develop a supported vision of the future.


You want a strategy to organise innovation and ensure a constant flow of new ideas.

Future studies

You want to develop innovative products, services, or policies using data-driven trend analysis and future research.

Early Warning System

You are looking for a method to detect early signals of change, to interpret them, and translate them into appropriate actions.

Masterclasses en workshops

Would you like to work on your organisation's future with methods such as scenarioplanning or early warnings guided by our future strategists?

samenwerken aan een werkblad

Strategic foresight bureau

Futureconsult has more than 20 years of experience working as a strategic foresight consultancy for governments, and profit and non-profit organisations. We have advised on over forty municipal vision projects and, in particular, support organisations confronted with the social and organisational implications of rapid developments. 

Our experience

"We wanted a vision developed with as much input from the city itself as possible. The process was extremely inspiring and led to a vision that provided clear direction."

Corine Dijkstra

Alderman of the Municipality of Gouda | municipal client Toekomstvisie Gouda 2030


Scenario planning

Scenario planning is particularly valuable for anyone wanting to anticipate and shape their own future.

Future vision

a vision for the future is the basis of structural success for any organisation or municipality.

Trend analysis

Trend analysis makes it easier to anticipate and respond to developments that occur in the future.

Organisational advice

Do you want to get a grip on the future using the methods that Futureconsult’s management consultancy can offer you?


Public authorities

Being prepared for the future is essential in the (semi-)public sector. How do you achieve a future-proof, supported vision? Futureconsult can support your organisation with this.


The educational sector faces complex challenges. Creating a shared vision of the future with all partners is necessary. Futureconsult can support your organisation with this.


There are significant challenges in healthcare: increasing demand and decreasing supply. Innovation and a supported strategy are therefore essential. Futureconsult can help your organisation with this.


The traditional association structure of trade associations is under pressure. Many are therefore starting a process of transformation. Futureconsult can offer guidance in these processes.


It is important to have a forward-looking strategy in this complex, rapidly changing world as a company. Futureconsult can help you to identify relevant developments in good time.

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