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What we do

Strategy development

You are looking for a future-proof strategy and actionable insights. Read more.

Vision development

You want do develop a shared vision focused on the future and shaped by the present. Read more.

Future studies

Using thorough data-driven trend analysis and future studies you wish to create innovative products, services or policies. Read more.

Horizon scanning

You want to scan the horizon for early signals of upcoming change. Read more.


You want to become a future strategist yourself? We teach you how to apply future methodologies into your organization. Read more.


Together with a group of like-minded you would like to work at the future of your organization. Our future strategists will teach you how. Read more.

Futureconsult has 15 years of experience with working for governments, profit and non-profit organizations. We mainly help organizations that struggle with the societal and organizational implications of rapid, technological developments. We also assisted thirty municipalities in creating a future vision.


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